The wind brings change

Hello Goons! Massive changes have occurred these last two months. My brother Julian and I have moved into a nice new home in South Bushwick, my sister Lauren gave birth to beautiful baby boy named Henry and The Hog is on hiatus. I am now taking some personal time to work on a new project that involves angrier music and monsters. Here are some new photos of artwork and shows + personal adventures.


Hello out there! Here are some recent pictures of new pieces I’ve been busy with. Aside from the new artwork, my apartment was recently burglarized. The hunt for an apartment in NYC begins tomorrow. The Hog is doing extremely well, and we are preparing for our February 26th show at Arlene’s Grocery. The Album is out and can be downloaded from iTunes and streamed on Spotify. Love.





A beautiful Fall

Hello out there! Here are some new projects I’ve been working on. In three days I leave for Paris. Love you.

Wah Bee Doo!

Well goodness gracious! Some very cool news folks! I have been selected by a Harlem gallery to showcase a painting of mine entitled “Wolf Spider Queen.” The show is called A Sensation of Uneasiness. It is a group show at a gallery called Studio1S, with a an aesthetic of grim horror. Perfect for Halloween! :)

The show takes place Friday, October 17th @1950 3rd Avenue at 107th Street in East Harlem in New York City. The show time goes from 7-10 p.m. It’s a free show too! There are other fantastic artists showcasing work too! Like: Alexander Giavis, David Healey, Darlene Aschbacher, Firelei Baez, Gigi Chen, Jerry Webb, Mr. John Wright, Julia San Martin, K. Dooblay, Michelle Stewart, Lauren Steinberg, Erin Sara Hass, and Sid Massy.


Aside from that great news, I have some other very important endeavors to share. My band The Hog, is raising funds for our debut album and a music video for our song “Doo Doo Dat.” We have put together a video with a great crowd-funding company called Rockethub to throw forth our efforts in seeking help from fans and friends. This is our link and if you have time to share or donate we will make it worth your while. Please check it out @

Your support means the world to me and the band. If you can either donate to the band or come out for an art show I’ll guarantee you a good time. All the love in the world.


October Art Update!

Hello fiends! This last month was filled with all sorts of great projects. A record with the Hog, creating multiples of creature skeletons with The Evolution Store, new paintings and new sculpture. Check it out!  Love!



Hello everyone out there! This has been a very busy summer indeed! Lots of Hog shows, tons of new artwork and hopefully we are on the front of a new studio art gig. Here are some pictures of: new paintings, new sculpture, digital work and others. Have a great one!


June update! HIP HIP HOORAY!

Hello Gov’ner! I’ve made some new work that I’d like to share with you. Check it out and enjoy your day!



Hey gang! Gang a roo! Here are some new pics of: art, people, places, and fat horses. I miss you and want to “bag-pipe” you.




Here are some new pieces I’ve created for The Evolution Store plus some independent projects for The Hog and O++O. Enjoy and have a lovely day!



Hello out there! I have some new work I’d like to share with you. Fat horses, Hog banners, show posters, sketches, taxidermy work, and everything else. Check it out!