Get to work!

Hello fiends and birds! Here are some new photos of my two projects: The Prisoner and Party of Four. Along with the collection are pictures of strange places and things I have found in New York City. I hope you are all well.

Kind regards,

Andrew James Sapala


Dracula 2

Hello! Here are new pictures of some pieces that I’ve been chipping away at. I hope all of you are well.

-Dracula 2

Bushwick Nightmares

Hello out there! Here are some new pictures of artworks and adventures.


Tea in October

Greetings friends and internet people! This is an update featuring new work. I have finished working as a painter with Puppet Kitchen as the project has come to an end, and I have begun working as a freelance taxidermist for a special antler client. I have also begun the process of applying to Graduate Art School. Check it out.

Kind Regards,

Andrew James Sapala


The Road

Hello internet friends and art people. I’ve been working with Puppet Kitchen again but this time for a large production of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. On the side I’ve been busy collaborating with my girlfriend’s show Public Cemetery, chipping away slowly at the new skulls and a new painting. Check it out!








August Update

Hello out there! Here are some new pieces I’ve been working on. I have left The Evolution Store and have begun working as a painter for Puppet Kitchen. Here are some new photos. Enjoy :)

I have also started selling my artwork off of my Etsy shop @ AJ Sapala Check it out!


Death in June

Crag gar. Shish hav bing gurge, hutch thatch. Wah bee doo. Pump brow. Seere-ooh.

Butcher Munger

New meat! New Art!


The wind brings change

Hello Goons! Massive changes have occurred these last two months. My brother Julian and I have moved into a nice new home in South Bushwick, my sister Lauren gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Henry and The Hog is on hiatus. I am now taking some personal time to work on a new project that involves angrier music and monsters. Here are some new photos of artwork and shows + personal adventures.


Hello out there! Here are some recent pictures of new pieces I’ve been busy with. Aside from the new artwork, my apartment was recently burglarized. The hunt for an apartment in NYC begins tomorrow. The Hog is doing extremely well, and we are preparing for our February 26th show at Arlene’s Grocery. The Album is out and can be downloaded from iTunes and streamed on Spotify. Love.